Aug X Labs Launches AI-Driven Video Creation Tool, Augie, into Public Beta

Aug X Labs Launches AI-Driven Video Creation Tool, Augie, into Public Beta

Aug X Labs Launches AI-Driven Video Creation Tool, Augie, into Public Beta

May 3, 2023

Aug X Labs Launches AI-Driven Video Creation Tool,
Augie, into Public Beta

Aug X Labs announced the public beta launch of Augie, an AI-driven, prompt-to-video creation tool that makes video production more accessible, faster, and easier to use. Augie is a radical revisioning of the video production workflow that automatically creates transcripts, storyboards, and suggested footage, all in under a minute. 

Over 16 million US businesses are unable to create video marketing materials or hire video producers affordably on a regular basis. Meanwhile, social video platforms such as YouTube and TikTok require frequent, quality video postings to satisfy their algorithms. Augie solves a huge problem for entrepreneurs, creators, marketers, salespeople, and anyone who relies on content for their livelihood.

During Augie's private beta, which kicked off early this year, thousands of individuals and businesses used the platform to make commercial videos of all kind, such as explainer videos, product demos, company announcements, HR/Training videos, and more. The company’s private beta signups grew at a rate of over 20% week-over-week since January, and is now available to anyone.

"We're thrilled to launch Augie to the world," said Jeremy Toeman, co-founder of Aug X Labs. "Finally marketing teams and entrepreneurs alike can be as prolific in professional-looking videos as teenagers are on social videos. We believe Augie will be the tool that helps drive the next generation of creators, as they look for innovative, creative, and most importantly, fast ways to create engaging video content."

Augie is simple to use and requires no special skills or technology. First, users record or upload voice, text, or webcam recordings. Next, Augie generates a storyboard from the spoken words, then it auto-inserts matching commercially licensed clips to the video (users or brands can also upload their own, licensed content or personal content).

Once completed, users can add many effects, such as picture-in-picture, split-screen, subtitles and closed captions, background music, and more. The company is also adding in additional transition effects, background removal, post-processing, and more in the coming months. Users can easily make any necessary edits or tweaks to the video before downloading it in portrait or landscape to publish on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or wherever they need.

Augie has a freemium model, that includes three tiers. The basic tier includes watermarked videos and is free for individual and non-profit organizations. The premium tier unlocks more content and removes watermarking (beta pricing is $40/month), and the enterprise tier includes custom CMS integrations and more powerful, collaborative features for organizations (beta pricing is $95/seat/month).

More information on Augie and to see a demo of how the product works, users can go to https://beta.meetaugie.com.


The URL for our launch video: https://youtu.be/ZXNtD0CRXLY


Aug X Labs is an AI-based “prompt to video” technology and publishing startup focused on helping creators bring relevant and compelling visuals into their video stories. Our primary focus is to build tools for creators that help democratize video creation by transforming anyone’s words or thoughts into dynamic, engaging, and relevant video content in mere minutes. We are a company intent on making technology easier for creators, allowing them to focus on having fun while engaging with their communities. To try Augie for free, go to https://beta.meetaugie.com and for more information please visit Aug X Labs or LinkedIn.

Gabi Rubino / Aug X Labs